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Godrej Nurture- How do NRI’s approach property investments in India

Property Investment in India

Property investments are crucial in some way or the other. One has to realize the opportunities which would result in saving for a certain future. First-time property aspirants are now gradually transitioning from the tenant phase to owning homes for themselves. Godrej Nurture by Godrej properties is a unique project which is strategically located at Sector 150 in Noida. The location offers a lot in terms of social infrastructure and IT sector development. With renowned educational and medical institutions in close proximity to the project, residents can avail the best educational services coupled with top-notch services for effective healthcare and physical well-being. Structures that are nothing short of architectural marvels are sure to provide stunning views of landscaped gardens surrounding the project. To incorporate an innovative and a customer-centric approach, residents are indeed called to the site to experience the amenities, floor plans and design specifications before they land on concrete investment decisions. This, as a result establishes long-standing relationships with key clients for future business prospects. A profitable investment happens only if investors consider every aspect that contributes to the credibility of the residential project. With the introduction of regulatory bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST, the demand for affordable homes has considerably increased. This has forced property developers to come up with new marketing strategies as they would need to release their excess inventory. This has paved the way for NRI’s who are looking for profitable investment opportunities. NRI’s have begun to realize that investing in India is sure to yield high benefits as financial institutions offer special loans for NRI’s who are planning to invest their hard-earned money in India. This has resulted in property developers analyzing the trend of the number of NRI’s coming to India primarily to purchase properties that will help them prepare for a sustainable future. Rest assured, residents or are seeking residential spaces are sure to consider Godrej Nurture for a comfortable future in order to grab on to long-term gains!

Godrej Nurture Property Investment
Property Investment

The falling Rupee value Vs. the Dollar ratio

Generally, NRI’s visiting India used to look for properties that are luxurious in nature and properties which were highly priced. This led to property developers selling their respective residential spaces at fairly high prices. With the downfall in the property market, NRI’s had begun to step back and wait for a suitable time to invest which led to realtors stocking up in inventory. Now, the Rupee Vs. the Dollar ratio has proven to be a pivotal factor which has influenced NRI’s investors to look at the Indian property market carefully. With the fall in the Rupee value as opposed to what the current value of the Dollar is, investors are making the most of the opportunity presented as it has resulted in them saving up on their funds. With RERA into picture, residents are offering affordable living spaces for residents from all income groups and cultural backgrounds. This has to be capitalized on. NRI investors are now seizing opportunities and purchasing multiple properties in key locations for a sustainable future.

Sector 150 Noida to enjoy impeccable connectivity

Project locations plays a very important role in impacting customer purchase decisions. Sector 150 Noida has witnessed key social infrastructure development which has given rise to prominent property developers to set their respective residential projects. The location is in close proximity to the national capital and the presence of highways and expressways makes commute that much easier. With proposed metro routes from Sector 150 Noida to Delhi and Vice versa, residents can be sure to spend quality time with their families and make maximum use of increased land appreciation rates. NRI investors can therefore breathe a sigh of relief that they could sit back and relax while the money invested grows overtime offering rich dividends.

Godrej Nurture, Godrej Nurture Noida, Godrej Nurture Sector 150
Godrej Nurture

Amenities and price - Pivotal in influencing customer delight

It is the sole responsibility of the property developer to devise strategies regarding in-house amenities and property price specifications to attract NRI investors. Godrej Nurture amenities are devised in such a way that residents experience them first-hand before they arrive at final purchase decisions. It serves the purpose as the amenities along with few other project related aspects would eventually determine the price associated with each unit variant. Godrej Nurture price is certainly in line with industry standards and customer economic status. With exclusive financial benefits offered to NRI’s, Godrej Nurture Sector 150 Noida is sure to contribute to the property market in enhancing customer capability for affordable asset allocation.

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